Alwardatulhamraa The Red Rose 



is a name i concocted myself  which is an arabic phrase meaning the red rose



HAMRAA -red ,the reason why I chose this name is due to my love and passion for red roses which has a lot of meaning just as how the rose is a beneficial herb to the entire mankind my site Alwardatulhamraa is a site with a mixed variety of blogs that are InshaALLAH going to beneficial for everyone

The first blog is  UmmeLuqman

speaks about myself rather a personal blog  UmmeLuqman (which is my title) was given to me after my first born child Umme means mother and Luqman is the name of my son ,who was an inspiration to me since he was born, Luqman means ”THE WISE” or full of wisdom ,

the second blog is Alwardatulhamraa

which tells you all about roses ,from recipes to designs, to banners to significance to logos etc, etc, specifically focusing on red rose art as well  ,hope it sounds wonderful!

The third blog is Hibatuddeen Magazine

which is a family magazine of profound learning, a rather local magazine which I am not the editor  ,but actually helping the editor to design her magazine into a blogazine which will be of benefit to all InshaALLAH as far as reading it goes ,this magazine has a lot of interesting islamic literature to read ,

the fourth blog is Jameatus Swalehat Malegaon

which is a blog on the Madressa that i studied in years ago after making research on the net about this Madressa i found no particular info ,so after consulting the Secratary of our Madressa in India they expressed extreme joy on hearing that a blog will be designed  by me for them ,Since then I have been updated with the relevant info etc concerning this Madressa , Alhumdulullah since this blog started in 2010 we have had an old girls  reunion in South Africa to raise funds for our Madressa as well ,All Praises are due to Allah ! the

fifth blog is Khubsurat  which is a fashion  business blog specialising in the sales of Indian Kurtis which I designed for a very good friend of mines who is doing an online business sale May Allah Ta’ala accept from us Aameen ,PLEASE BEAR WITH WITH ME THESE BLOGS ARE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL BE GOING THROUGH MANY CHANGES and hopefully in the end we will see positive results  by UmmeLuqman

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