Red Rose Header

Red Rose Header

                                                                                                                        is a name i concocted myself which is an Arabic phrase meaning the red rose                

AL-the                                                                                                                                               WARDATUL-rose                                                                                                                         HAMRAA -red ,                                                                                                                               the reason why I chose this name is due to my love and passion for red roses which has a lot of meaning just as how the rose is a beneficial herb to the entire mankind my site Alwardatulhamraa is a site with a mixed variety of blogs that are InshaALLAH going to beneficial for everyone

The first blog is UmmeLuqman  ‪+27 64 809 7147‬ 20170719_095618                               is being redesigned as well,as it was created in 2010 

                                                                                speaks about myself being the Author  and designer of the blogs i have made , rather a personal blog UmmeLuqman (which is my title) was aquired by  me after my first born child                                                                                                                                            Umme means mother and Luqman is the name of my  only son ,who was an inspiration to me since he was born, I am a widow now with 5 kids and one grandson, Luqman means ”THE WISE” or full of wisdom ,

the second  blog is                                                                                                     


Red Roses Forever                                            and I am so glad I finally decided to make my website that is for more which  tells you all about  my personality ,red roses ,from recipes to designs, to banners to to logos to my advertising experiences  etc, etc interesting reads articles etc you will find more ,read about it in the red rose designs story post , specifically focusing on red rose art as well ,hope it sounds wonderful!

The third blog is                                                                                                                       

  Hibatuddeen Magazine                         slide1-1-e1501086740958.jpg                  which is a local Islamically enclined  family  magazine of profound learning, the blog is being redesigned by me also , a rather local magazine which I am not the editor ,but actually helping the editor to design her magazine into a blogazine which will be of benefit to all InshaALLAH as far as reading  goes ,this magazine is full  of interesting islamic literature Alhumdulillah

the fourth blog is                                                                                                                               

 Jameatus Swalehat Malegoan                                                            www.malegaonjamea.wordpress.Jamea                                 http://www.malegaonjamea1.wordpress.Jameaslide11.jpg

which is a blog on the Madressa that i studied in years ago after making research on the net about this Madressa i found no particular info ,so after consulting the secretary of our Madressa in India they expressed extreme joy on hearing that a blog will be designed by me for them ,Since then I have been updated with the relevant info etc concerning this Madressa , Alhumdulillah since this blog started in 2010 we have had an old girls reunion in South Africa to raise funds for our Madressa as well ,All Praises are due to Allah ! 

the fifth blog is                          

 Khubsurat slide15.jpg  which is no more ,                                                                                      was a fashion business blog specialising in the sales of Indian Kurtis which I  am redesigning  for a very good friend of mines from Cape Town , who was doing an online business sale May Allah Ta’ala accept from us Aameen ,                                                     PLEASE BEAR WITH WITH ME THESE BLOGS ARE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL BE GOING THROUGH MANY CHANGES and hopefully in the end we will see positive results 

My sixth blog is                                                                                    

 Buy Sell Advertise🌷Buy ,Sell, Advertise 🌷 Advertising the best with no stress Local is Lekker                                           



  since I’m doing Free  Advertising I have 3 successful and active whatsapp groups where  Ads are posted  free daily as well 

the seventh one is                                                           Angels of Light Organization http://www.angelsoflightsa.wordpress. 

Angels of Light Organisation

Lighting up your life , and I am glad I am designing that website too

 Angels of Light Organisation

which is a registered NPO ,where I am involved in community work locally to assist the underpriviledged people InshaAllah .My friend who is the the CEO of that org appointed me as the  fundraiser there ,she asked me to design the website for her ,and I am giving it my best shot .We hope and pray for the success of this Organisation InshaAllah   Aameen    UmmeLuqman