Matured Muslims

Signs of Matured Muslims

✅ They speak the truth at all times 

✅ They are good listeners 

✅ They hardly take offense

✅ They are quick to forgive 

✅ They are reliable 

✅ They are supportive 

✅ They have appetite for prayer and fasting 

✅ They rely on the Word of God 

✅ The more God lifts them up, the more they become humble 

✅ They hardly defend themselves 

✅ They are quick to repent 

✅ They seek peace and pursue it 

✅ They love people and they are compassionate 

✅ They know when to talk and when to be quiet 

✅ They are full of wisdom in many aspects of life 

✅ They respect people and are very sensitive to people’s feelings 

✅ They have a lot of patience and they are not short tempered 

✅ They fear God 

✅ They give honour where it is due 

✅ They are content with what they have 

✅ They have good leadership skills 

✅ They are hospitable 

✅ They are not carried away by all kinds of teachings 

✅ They are good followers 

✅ They have a sacrificial spirit 

✅ They don’t gossip and look down on people 

✅ They have faith 

✅ They take part in mosque activities and attend mosque regularly 

✅ They are clean in every aspect of life 

✅ Their spirits are sensitive, they hate sin 

✅ They don’t act holier than others 

✅ They don’t compete with others 

Ask yourself: Am I a matured Muslim?🔦

May God give us the grace to identify and work on our weak areas.        Please join me to forward it.