It’s my Business!

Deciding on a name for my business ,was  a kind of a long procedure for me.For many years I was fiddling with graphics blogs,websites ;logos etc to reach where I am today ,Alwardatulhamraa changed its name to The Red Rose Designs and now finaly, I must say how happy I am to have settled for Red Rose Designs.Thanks to a good friend of mine who I’m learning  quiet a number of things from lately ,Advertising , Marketing ,Branding ,Promoting is what interests me at the moment. Trying to get my own brand known was my dream for quite some time though .Red Rose Designs is actually  a bright idea, 

Being of service to the cimmunity ,at a later stage to humanity InshaAllah 

Preference  for others more than what you  prefer yourself 

Helping anybody whether rich or poor  , it doesn’t  what race creed or colour

Making someone Smile 

Lighting up  someones life 

Motivating people 

Empowering people 

Small home businesses  

and doing this all for the pleasure of Allah knowing in your heart of hearts that he is your sustainer and provider and he will reward you tenfold in this world ,if not in the hereafter. 

It has logo making ;advertising  ,letterhead  designing ,but overall it deals with  major community projects operating under that idea,the mastermind or the brainstorming in a nutshell.At the moment I’m glad I chose that name as I mentioned  in another blog about my love for red roses and how crazy  I am over that beautiful  creation of Allah.Just as how we see the beauty of that flower our character should also project that kind of beauty ,Good character  is an essential portrait of any human being no matter what race ,colour or creed. Red Rose Designs will offer many good services in the future . So just keep reading my blog posts for the latest updates.

The logo is going through a facelift actually ,It’s going to have a brand new look ,and really ,hard work  does pay off .Sooner or later all the profile pics; logos headers  and banners will change, I am so anxious and excited ,I just can’t wait . I have my fingers crossed,and waiting for a new change with open arms .