Sister Yvonne  Ridley

Wow! Masha Allah!  Another fantastic moment

I  ever had in my life ,

I met a wonderful  woman Muslimah  who  is a real inspiration  to me,and she is none other than  the reknowned Journalist

Yvonne  Ridley ,

wow am

I lost for words ,

I just can’t believe  it Alhumdulillah,

Again our team Angels of Light had a ball at a ladies only spectacular event ,the speeches ,phenomenonal ,inspirational  motivational , educational ,heart warming indeed,Identified  us women  as who we really  are, The food was divine ,scrumptious  ,yummy Alhumdulillah !

The speeches left  us with food for thought ,Every topic relating to women were covered from the Islamic as well as secular  and academic point of view ,Emphasis  was made on how women need to educate herself  ,she should become a master and expert in every  field .A woman can do everything  and anything within the frames of Shariah and she can and will  succeed  Insha Allah. Islam is such a beautiful  simple way of life !Why do people make it so hard on themselves. Humility is the best character  any muslim/ah can possess. Most of the speeches were from Quraan   and Ahaadeeth and stories and examples  of the wives of our beloved Nabi( SAW) Alhumdulillah,