Once upon my Luck! 

It was almost a few years back that I have been lucky to win in certain  competitions, and I thank Allah for having blessed  me with all his wonderful bounties .It is he AR RAZAAQ who has destined for me to have received  these wonderful gifts .

2002 was another lucky year of mine ,I received  a surprise   phone call  that my husband and  I had won a fully paid Haj  ticket  for 3 weeks .I said to myself how’s that possible ,we dont have any money and how can we go? But Allah is the best of all planners and he had a better plan for me ,Alhumdulillah  it was the most exciting  time of my my life I ever experienced! Never ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah .

One year I  was so crazy and I entered as many competitions  as I could ;and I felt so honored  and fortunate to have won , and  I recall my late husband telling me that ,

“At the  rate you are carrying on looks like you will win

R1 000 000 one day ” and I remember telling him “please pray that I do so !”

but money isnt just everything .What you will do with the money is something ,

How you will spend it on who is another thing

And if ever I do win a million one day my intention is to help the poor people  with what I win ,InshaAllah!

 This year again I  took a try at entering competitions, and I am making dua and keeping my fingers  crossed  as well ,and I am waiting for FB  or another social media platform to anounce one  more time again, or give me a surprise  call and tell me  that the winner is Mariam Dhooma.