Fajr Alarm

CoookriCoook goes the rooster everyday early in the morning! Living in a so called rural or farm area,here in Lotus Gardens Pretoria  for the last 26 years ,I have accustomed  myself to enjoy these beautiful  sounds of nature.Daily the rooster screams his guts out ,crowing on the top of his voice right by my room window CooookriCooook ,he gets me up very early ,he is the alarm clock every morning  ,and once he screams ,no one can go back to sleep .To some the sound could be irritating  but to me it’s beautiful  ,absolutely  beautiful.Out of curiosity  I researched on Google as to why the rooster crows and this is what I found ,an interesting  read indeed !

and from the Islamic point of view I found this beautiful  hadith about the rooster ,All praise be to Allah who created   everything  so beautifully and for a good nature and purpose .


and below is a supplication or Dua to read on hearing the rooster”s crowing Subhanallah


Oh Allah grant us the ability  to appreciate  all your wonderful  favours upon us Aameen!