Time flies!

Ya Allah! I can’t believe  how fast this year is ending ,just the other day it was 2010 ,and now it’s already  2018 round the corner ,Our country  practically had so many holidays this year more than ever before. 

The years are flying  like months

The months are flying  like weeks 

The weeks are flying  like days 

The days are flying  like hours

The hours are flying like minutes and 

The minutes are flying like seconds

It was  Monday just the other day and it’s Monday soon again!

Sounds so scary sometimes ,is Qiyamah nearing? 

What have we achieved  this year ?

as far as asking for goodness  in both the worlds,I feel this year of mine was  very interesting  with the Grace of Allah ,I thank Allah for being so merciful  to me ,as my life had to carry on after my husband’s demise .To avoid boredom  and depression  etc ,I got myself  very busy with work work and more work.

My work   (Red Rose Designs Advertising  and Afternoon  Teaching )

Community  Work  (Angels of Light)

Public Work (Buy Sell Advertise Service to Humanity )

and Aakhirah Work (Helping the Poor and Needy For Esaale Thawaab Lillahi Ta’ala)

Having doing all that I still make time to attend 





and host Business  Stalls

and blogging and advertising  daily 

yes me myself and I 

Enjoying my life

 loving what I’m doing .

Alhumdulillah ,Well at least it’s better than an ideal mind 

Yes life is definitely  full , May Allah accept  all our humble efforts ,As everything is done solely for his pleasure , It’s only Allah that can make things happen  .Everything happens  for a good reason , It is only him who can control time ,and make it slow or make it fly !