Terms used on this Blog

Terms used on this Blog!

🌟Assalaamu Alaykum.                  wa Rahmatullahi.                          wa Barakatuhu means.                  Peace and the Mercy and Blessings of Allah (God) be upon you !

🌟Alhumdulillah means.                All praise be to Allah (God)!

🌟MashaAllah means.          Whatever Allah (God) wishes!

🌟InshaAllah means                         If Allah (God) wills!

🌟Subhanallah means.                Glory be to Allah (God)!          

🌟Jumuah Mubarak means            A Blessed Jumuah (Friday)!   

🌟Inna lillahi wa Inna ilaihi Rajioon means                                To Allah (God)  we belong to him is our return!