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Who is Mariam Dhooma?












Sisters I concocted  that acrostic poem to think positive  of this toastmasters  program

Hi /as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu  forgive me I’m nervous cos the butterflies are causing havoc in my stomach as I had received  a message  from fathima last night to do an impromptu and I said I never did public speaking  before but I will give a shot ,I thank Allah for choosing  me out of so many skillful orators but it was his choice to make me stand here and speak to you all ;Hope you all do benefit  from my speech,

My name is Mariam Dhooma like Haseena said she doesn’t  like Banu in her name my name  has Bibi but I prefer it  out also, I’m a widow , a mother of five and a grandmother of 1 beautiful  grandson ,yeah im a nanima too,I am an Islamic teacher ,teaching in an ordinary  madressa,I do part time advertising  in the mornings, and recently I have been involved  with many community  projects ;I am actually  a Durbanite born and bred in Isipingo Beach Durban KwaZulu-Natal I schooled at Isipingo Beach  Primary  and after that left for Maharashtra   India at the age of 13

Maharashtra is  about 6 hours from Mumbai .

My speech  is the summary of all the previous  speeches put together, The place where I was studying  was a very poor place but that is the place where I learnt a lot of life skills and lessons,  I studied quite a few languages there as well, I loved that place a lot just wished I could  stay there longer and complete  the 5 year  course  ,my dad did come to visit me and opted to take me back but I fought and said I wanted to stay there,eventually  after 2 and half years I came back and completed my course at a madressa in my hometown, after that I got my first job at a normal  school to teach Arabic . At the age of 20 I got married  to the most wonderful man in the whole world.  but the lord of my destiny  decided to call him unto Him  ,yeah life has to carry on today ,I have 5 lovely kids, Alhumdulillah

1st born is an Islamic  Teacher teaching in a boys madressa ,my

2nd child my daughter  is also a qualified  Islamic teacher married with 1 son my

3rd child a daughter is in 2nd year Islamic Studies and just finished  memorise the entire Quran  last year my

4th and

5th daughters are still schooling and doing school and madressa together ,  So basically we all in the Islamic  teaching field ,my hobbies are part time advertising  graphic designing and a little  of Web designing ,I am glad I just launched two of my websites at a recent  event ;and yeah if a woman want to do something  she can do it,I did a little  of computer  studies and it was through  that I self thought my self this piece of art ,

I love art in particular  I love drawing  roses,

 I love calligraphy  as well and glad 

I studied a bit of it in India, and yeah that’s basically  who I am and thanks for having here me today.

I was very very nervous when I gave this speech really ;although  it was a ladies only gathering; I didn’t  have much time to prepare  though it was offered to me the night before ;but Allah  is great he helped  me through and since I started  blogging  daily it was easier  to give the speech ,because the blog is like a diary ,where you can pen your thoughts,and express yourself  freely ;with no one judging or criticising it’s just you only ,

 and  in my sprech Allah opened the knot from my tongue and

 I said what I had to ; 

I had been evaluated  as well and the only thing that was missing  in my speech was a sense of humour ; and the reason i didnt have humour in my speech that day was because I was nervous and emotional , as it was first time  I ever spoke in front of so so many elderly people 

i clearly recall the first time I ever gave a speech in front of an audience was in Malegaon and that was in Arabic

Years ago in the 80s and after that i didnt speak anywhere

but my speech  overall was a brief biography  of myself my family;and my current profession ;career etc,Everything  we do in this world is solely  for the pleasure  of Allah ,Alhumdulillah I found myself  ,broke my fears and can’t wait for Cc2 Speech Topic might be “My Road to Success”  or My Success or most probably After Difficulty comes Ease 🌷