Busy as a Bee

This year has been quiet full for me with the Grace and the Mercy of Allah  ,Alhumdulillah,As its almost 2 years since the demise of my late husband  ,what can I say life has to carry on ,that is our Taqdeer; And to believe in Taqdeer(Fate) that is all Good ,Bad Happy ,Sad  is all from Allah  ,and it has been pedestined ;under no circumstances  could it have been  avoided,and whatever has been avoided could  never have  occurred . the past few months I had visited many places locally ;in accordance  to the community work I involved myself with,have attended  functions,seminars,workshops,classes  events,public speaking courses  etc , just to educate myself and see how others live basically,and got myself a little more as I am  involved with many local projects ,catering for the underprivileged  people within  our community ,worthwhile and fruitful for the the sake of Allah,and  Aakhirah Subhanallah,Tried to fit in with my daily work schedule  as well.I started conducting  ladies Islamic classes once a week ,and do part time advertising – 


my own advertising  company opened recently 


every morning , Just to keep myself occupied .All that is through  Allah’s mercy shukr,

Blogging became  a recent hobby also, although  I started in 2010 ,stopped  in between  due to unforeseen  circumstances ,but enjoying  every bit of it now . Life as a widow is not that easy,even  though everything seems  so smooth and rosy,

There is always that emptiness and loneliness  , and sadness,but Allah is with those who are patient ,and the fruits of Patience are very  very  sweet. 

If not found in the Dunya then definitely in the Aakhirah! 

May Allah shower his mercy on all those people who share a similar plight  like me Aameen!🌷