Who am I and what am I here for?

We all know that we are born to die ! Yes really ,we should consider  for what purpose  we were born ,well as a Muslimah  I have been created solely for the purpose of worshipping the only One true God Allah! I firmly believe that he is my Creator my sustainer ,my Fashioner as well as my Designer ,who  designed me for where I am today ,I thank Allah for all the skills he has thought me , although I didn’t finish school properly ,it’s one of his wonderful  gifts on me , If you just look around you ,how everything  is created? It’s a matter and a fact of Design ,and a beautiful  masterpiece ;Indeed a perfect form of Art ,Every tree every flower, every creature every human being ,to the one drop of water in the ocean to the fish in the sea ,to the elephants to the whales and to the  ants birds and bees, Every  bit of it, is his manifest beauty  If man can create and produce so beautiful fake things ,how beautiful  is the creator who can create everything  so truly beautiful! Just  us having a breath of fresh air makes you apprecate this beautiful  life we enjoying

            Praise be to Allah the  

           Designer of all Designs

Mother and grandmother


Red Rose Designs 






Open hearted 

Organiser Non Profit 



I am Mariam Dhooma, UmmeLuqman is my Title , I am an Islamic Teacher  I am interested in Graphic Designing ,Advertising trying to work from home , I am enjoying blogging at the moment my own personal space trying to  create  my own designs like personal and customised   letterheads business cards,  front covers unique designs  etc,concentrating more on the 

Red Rose Designs

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                                      Advertisements,Articles, Journalism  ,Apps,

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Writing creatively,Website patterns, profiles ,&Poetry,blogging

Alwardatulhamraa Art fonts &Graphics

Rose Art,Red Roses,collages &blogs,beautiful backgrounds ,pics,photography

Designs ,Drawings,Designing &Document printing

Arabic fonts&Calligraphy

Themes ,Teaching aids  wise sayings ,choice of words free speech ,Islamic quotes ,&Literature

Unique & customised banners ,Urdu fonts and Arabic Calligraphy

Life experiences & Literature

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Madrasah & Schoolwork

 Recipes , Rose art, cooking ,gardening

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