As I promised after work I will update you regarding my blogapers,oops once again they are silly  blogging  mistakes I made previously ,as I was  learning to blog ,but mine wasn’t just writing things ,I wanted to do every thing ,from  writing tying ,printing , blogging ,web designing right uptil self web hosting lol,well i guess i tried ,I didnt give up hope at all ,I knew Allah will help me there,as my niyyaat intentions were clear ,from Day one ,I said if I learn any of these stuff ,i will do Allahs work with it ,and Alhumdulillah I am glad I reached so far,I was someone who was very shy to speak before, or say rather scared to speak in a hurry ,but as years went by ,I got out of it,But blogging is rather simple in  a way to put it ,you just need alot of time ,Yes if you have someone to help you set up everything and you just type its easier ,but I didnt want that I really wanted to do all the tech work as well ,and I am  glad i used wordpress to start my blogging ,and what did I blog ,as I like to draw only a red rose ,and love my handwritimg ,and love my pen ,and paper ,my tools ,are three things today,
with so many blogs ,I use the pc ,tablet and ,most of the time my phone .My mum told me this story about me when I was small ,she told me I used to take the pen /or pencil ,lol i dont know in the 70s what we had that time ,but as long as my memory can take me I still recall the ,the slate 
or small black board and chalk we used in class 1 and 2 ,and only in standard one ,ok thats in South African schools by the way, we were given permission to write with a blue pen ,and fountain pens were a novelty ,that time,going back to what my mum said ,she said in our Gujrati language ,to her mum etc ,I dont know  who was present there that time ,””Ai toh boh moti barrister thaawananu che ” which translates as ”This one is going to become a very big barrister” but only Allah destined me  to write this ;to you ,and without ,any doubt my fate was written by him many many moons ago in Aalame Arwaah ,the world of the souls ,  Our parents do have high hopes and ambitions for us really, their duas ,prayers are so important for us to survive in this world .and like it or not, they are always right,so anyways ,my going in to blogging is my mum’s blessing ,Alhumdulillah.
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