Yes u heard me ! as in resurrection,well once upon a many years ago in 2010, I was a hopeless blogger ,the only thing I knew was basic typing which I learnt in school,before technology  existed ,I used to handwrite , draw , photostath everything, life was kinda hard you can say;but Shukr to Allah it’s so much easy peasy now.Why I concocted that word is that for very long  my blogs died,and few days ago ,only I remembered  my old password,and when I decided to blog again ,properly now in 2017 ,I became  very happy as I reviewed all my old posts before ,and decided to update each and every one ;as I was reviving my blogs I noticed many bloggapers; omg!it means blogger bloopers or mistakes to me ,How I struggled to make my own websites and blogs ;it’s unbelievable ;as I mentioned before in one of my posts ;I wanted to do everything  from scratch ,logos to headers to websites complete even the Web hosting  lol call me a bloggadict, if you want ;but it’s all through trial and error.,Basically ,and initially there were about fifteen blogs I messed up with ;editing chopping and changing until recently it has  been reduced to nine ,the reason why I started blogging is ,I have free time in the morning ,and oh yes what must  I blog ?well most of my blog mentions are in the about the red rose designs story,and as I  am leaving  for work now ;will continue with the nitty gritty of my bloggaruction ,so long my followers ,will keep you posted! 

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