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Assalaam   Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Hi  ,I was asked to blog or write something,so I gathered my thoughts and decided to speak about this beautiful creation of Allah The Red Rose ,Indeed a pic speaks a thousand words ,the most particular reason why I decided to create a red rose design blog ,is because of my intense love for this flower .Its just too beautiful ,too attractive MashaAllah ,Its sight is just so cooling for the eye ,its fragrance ,its beauty ,its taste (Rose Tea)  recipe  for that is on another blog of mine adding  link soon ,there is so much to write about this truly .I love this flower to bits ,its amazing ,it brings so much joy and happiness to my heart ❤,words can’t describe that feeling ,In these post there are 3 particular forms of Graphics or Art ,the one with the hearts Rose Art

Red Rose Art UmmeLuqman

was handdrawn by myself,I thank Allah for that talent  Alhumdulillah,  although I am not an artist its the only thing I love to draw  ,and then  it was coloured by my students , as I am a  teacher we were bored one day in class and decided to draw ,and then I decided to take a pic of that and just speak my heart out ,the circle rose is ,a Rose Logo


 I designed quite a while back ,I was looking for something unique and different to do ,instead of just  copying pictures from the net ,i decided to actually create this graphic ,so here’s my story ,I plucked this fresh  rose from the garden ,decided to scan it in, in my scanner ,oh yes it was those days old hp scanner ,and after doing that I managed to produce a rose image or graphic on my pc and added some text and colour to it , thus creating a  rose logo,  or favicon kinda thingy ,the name Rose , is a pen name or a pseudonym, or business name ,I like to use on my social media etc , UmmeLuqman is my title meaning mother of Luqman ,named after my first born Alhumdulillah ,how I got that Rose, was my mum used to always joke with me when I used to ask her, her name she used to sniff as if she was smelling a rose and say my name is Rosemary ,My name is Mariam, actually ,and the English name for it is Mary ,so Rose Mary ,rosemary , Mariam’s Rose ,and once upon a time initially,   I translated the red rose to Alwardatulhamraa which in Arabic means the Red Rose my first domain name was concocted by me it was                                     http://www.alwardatulhamraa is no more , then I changed it to http://www.theredrosedesigns.co.za                                                                                                    and couple years back i made a wordpress site called http://www.alwardatulhamraa.wordpress.com               http://www.theredrosedesigns1.wordpress.com                                                                              and other blogs                                                                     http://www.malegaonjamea.wordpress.com  ,                       http://www.malegaonjamea1.wordpress.com                                                                                reminiscing the India madressa I went to ,a long time ago,  at a very young age ,as I learnt alot while i was there, in the most poorest and difficult  situation ,thought of making that blog for my Saathis,  to express all my thoughts and passion and love for  the madressa and this Rose,  a unique masterpiece and creation of Allah ,and one can speak volumes about this flower,we have to appreciate every little thing in life whatever comes our way InshaAllah ,and just be content with your decreed and destiny ,that Allah has chosen for you,after all this world is just so temperory ,and our Aakhira awaits us ,Only Allah knows how we going to meet him ,just as how beautiful this flower is ,we should pray and make dua that Allah makes our character and Imaan that beautiful too.Finally the other pic has Alwardatulhamraa the Red Rose Designs

 ,my site or blog has a variety of information ,the designs


part is actually all my arts and graphics etc ,i do part time free advertising                 http://www.buyselladvertise1.wordpress.com                                                                                     ,I  make Ads and stuff as a hobby ,I teach as well Islamic stuff , I will be blogging in quite a few languages as well ,namely English ,Arabic Urdu ,now and then you will find a bit of Zulu Afrikaans and Gujrati so enjoy the read and  lastly I busy myself with local  community work ,Angels of Light organisation                                                             http://www.angelsoflightsa.wordpress.com                                                                                        these blogs are still being redesigned as I’m  blogging after a very long time ,May Allah always accept our humble efforts and sacrifices ,as we only do things for his pleasure .Aameen🌷

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