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The Red Rose

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Significance of Red Roses

by: Nuraishah

When you hear the word “roses”, you would often assume that it is the red rose that is being referred to.

Why is this so? Simply because the red rose is

The Rose of all roses.


elegant, dramatic and

intriguing –

Red roses are the most sought after amongst all the roses.

However, it would be interesting for you to discover the true meaning behind the gorgeous red rose.

The red rose as a symbol of love

The red rose is a universal symbol of romance, passion and most importantly true love.

Red roses are most often used as a strong expression of love, especially on special occasions

Back in the 18 th century, during a time when speaking aloud about one’s heartfelt feelings is not in line with societal conventions, a special rose language was developed.

This secret language acts as a system of communication between lovers who were forced to suppress their true emotions by the society.

Since then, the red rose has come to symbolize true love that will overcome all obstacles and the test of time.

Early civilizations adorned wedding functions with red roses and these flowers were also often part of traditional wedding wear. Red roses have since come to be known not only as a symbol of love but also of fidelity. The red rose – A symbol of desire


The meaning of the colour red can be traced to early primal periods.It started off as a symbol and has since evolved over time as a symbol of deep emotion. The colour red speaks of consummation, burning desires and the deepest of passion.

The red rose symbolizes desire.

It expresses the excitement and heat of a new love and the indescribable surge of attraction.

Red roses in marriage

Red roses received or given within a marriage signifies that the love is still growing strong with each day and that life after marriage has not sunk to a monotonous routine.

In short, red roses are a symbol of matrimonial bliss that is catalyzed by passion and love.

Red rose buds

The mysterious and yet to be bloomed red rose celebrates young love that is innocent, fresh and youthful. It stands for the simple beauty and purity of young love.

On the other hand, red roses that are fully bloomed are metaphorical of a relationship that have grown and is now enjoying the sweet harvest of love. Full-bloomed red roses are perfect for anniversaries.Other significance Apart from being the ultimate symbol of love, red roses can also be used to celebrate courage, send out a message of congratulations, and symbolizes power.